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Community Volunteer Opportunities

From time to time we have people in the community ask if the guild would like to help with certain projects. The guild is currently committed to several types of service quilts but there may be members of the guild that would like to participate in other community activities. Below is a list that we post when we are asked to volunteer.

If you are an organization, you can send us your information and we will post it here for our members to view.

Safe Sleep Community Collaborative

We are kicking off the Safe Sleep Community Collaborative, which is in response to recommendations made by the Brown County Child Death Review Team that we respond to an alarming trend of infants dying in SIDS and unsafe sleep-related deaths. One remedy to this is ensuring that infants not sleep with blankets in their cribs, but rather in what are known as sleep sacks. Made of non-flammable fleece, the sleep sacks are sleeveless and zip-up. They run about $17 apiece retail, but I'm sure they could be sewn for far less.

Also part of this initiative will be a community awareness campaign with public service announcements and printed literature. And we are also raising money to purchase pack-n-plays for needy families who cannot afford cribs or pack-n-plays of their own. Babies need a safe space to sleep in first and then they need to not be confined by blankets or bumper pads that could suffocate them.

Below are some links so you can see what these look like.




For more information or to volunteer contact:

Maria Turner
Executive Director
Center for Childhood Safety
1870 Cofrin Dr.
Green Bay, WI 54302
(920) 448-7081 - direct line

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