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Officers and Volunteers

Officers 2018-2019

President: Tracy Reeb
Vice-President (N): Tina Pietsch
Vice-President (D): Joan Junkhan
Program Chairperson:

Birgit Ruotsola
Beth Ferrier
Barb Teerlinck

Secretary: Pam Davis
Treasurer: JoAnne Aerts
Member-at-Large: Kathy Sheehy
Member-at-Large: Sharo Wolosek
Quilt Show 2020:  


Comfort Quilts: Joyce Shackelford, 468-6310
Camp Coordinator: Barb Rank, roger125@centurytel.net and Tracy Reeb
Historian: Sharon Wolosek, swolosek@new.rr.com
Kitchen: Sharon Kvitek,920-498-3050- patches4me@ymail.com
Mailings: Barb Rank, roger125@centurytel.net

Betsy EricksonĀ  Betsy@paulbetsy.com
Joan Pierner, jpierner@sbcglobal.net

Newsletter: Louise Egan, lae1952@hotmail.com
Website: Tracy Reeb
Service Quilts: Barb Clark , 866-9016, bamangst50@centurytel.net
Mary Ellen Worthen, 497-8078, quilterMEW@gmail.com
Sandy Hartl, 336-0451, chuck38@new.rr.com
Soldier Quilts: Cindy Olson, cindyolson20@gmail.com
Sunshine: Mary Pat Van Schyndel, marypatvanschyndel@gmail.com;
Prizes (D): Faith Kornowski
Prizes (N): Mary Pat Van Schyndel, marypatvanschyndel@gmail.com
Quilting 101: Betsy Erickson
Welcome Table: Cindy Olson

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